Industry & Links

Not long after Missouri obtained statehood, immigrants began to establish vineyards in the state and the Missouri grape and wine industry was born.  The industry quickly grew to become the second largest wine-producing region in the United States. Unfortunately, prohibition brought the state’s grape and wine industry to a grinding halt in 1919 but in the 1980’s a resurgence began.  There are now over 130 wineries and 1700 acres of vineyards providing a $1.7 billion dollar boost to Missouri’s economy.

The Missouri Wine and Grape Board was established in 1984 to support the research, development and promotion of Missouri grapes, wines and juices.  Visit their website to find out more.

The Grape & Wine Institute at the University of Missouri conducts research on grape growing and wine making, as well as providing education through extension outreach.

The Missouri Vintners Association membership is made up of winery owners from throughout the state of Missouri.