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Missouri Grape Growers Annual Meeting

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The 2015 Missouri Grape Growers Annual Meeting and Viticulture Field Day will take place June 9th at the Les Bourgeois Vineyards Blufftop Bistro, Rocheport, MO

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Agenda Includes:

Chill Out! – Cold Injury and Frost Damage of Grapevines:
Cold injury is often the blame for vine maladies in cold climates. Managing vine health is more than a prescription to combat cold injury but one of survival.  Learn how to take the kill of the chill out of your vineyard. Misha Kwasniewski, University of MO, GWI

Raising the Ceiling on Vineyard Floor Management:
Weeds are often considered a minor nuisance compared to other vineyard pest problems since weeds do not directly impact the vine or the grape crop.  Vineyard floor plants and weeds can be friend or foe; friend to help manage vine vigor and foe when they become competitive. Learn how to manage weeds for vineyard success.  Arianna Bozzolo, University of MO GWI

The Latest Buzz-Pest Management Updates:
New pest threats and old pest enemies in the vineyard.  What to be on the lookout for this season. Dean Volenberg, University of MO GWI

Industry Updates
Wine & Grape Institute Updates
MO Wine Alliance
Missouri Vintner’s Association
Missouri Wine Technical Group
Missouri Wine & Grape Board

Winery Contract Panel and Open Discussions:
Learn how to contract with wineries for selling your grapes and what the expectations are from the wineries.

Vineyard Tour at Les Bourgeois Vineyards  Replanting  projects