USDA Wildlife Services seeking vineyards to relocate airport raptors

USDA Wildlife Services and grapes growers throughout Missouri have been working together to resolve bird damage at many of your vineyards.  Problems from American robins, European starlings, and other birds are costing grape growers thousands of dollars annually. 

One method to potentially mitigate some of the bird damage, as well as rodent damage, is to release Red-tailed hawks and other raptors at your vineyards.  Some of these released raptors might simply leave your farm, but some might find the area suitable and stay for a longer period of time.  Red-tailed hawks and other raptors are not known to cause any damage to grape crops or equipment.

If you are located within 80 miles of Kansas City, St. Joseph, St. Louis, or Warrensburg, please feel free to contact USDA Wildlife Services at (866) 487-3297.  You will be put in contact with a local wildlife biologist to discuss options for releasing raptors at your vineyard.